Skype Gw404
SkyPeBx Skype VoIP Trunk Gateway FXS FXO Phone Forward
$27 atc
SkyPeBx SkypeKey Deluxe VoIP PSTN USB Phone Adapter
SkyPeBX is compatible with telephones, PBX's and phone companies around the world.
FREE life-time software upgrade!!! (upgrade software to chat in more platforms such as Yahoo and MSN in the near future)

Main Features

  • Use your existing phone for both Skype and phone company connection (PSTN).
  • Connect to Skype and PSTN simultaneously.
  • Allow call waiting by holding other lines. Choose Skype or PSTN by pressing #.
  • Make multiple calls by pressing *1. Talk to up to 3 Skype users and 1 PSTN user.
  • Make conference calls by pressing *2. Talk to 3 Skype users and 1 PSTN users simultaneously.
  • One button to switch to PSTN when Skype quality gets bad and press again to return to Skype.
  • Automatic live update of SkyPeBX software from internet.
  • Auto swap of phone port and PSTN port. You don't have to worry about wrong connections any more.
  • Make and receive Skype calls with a phone, instead of earphone and microphone.
  • Connect to a cordless phone to chat long distance for free while you walk around.
  • Call up to 9 people simultaneously and switch around by pressing a phone button.
  • Conference call with up to 5 people.
  • Connect to PBX and allow everyone to make Skype calls with extention phone.
  • SLIC (subscriber line interface circuit) interface for analog phone connection
  • Support cordless phone set including DECT, 2.4GHz, 900 MHz or others
  • Answer Skype call by picking up handset same just like using a regular phone.
  • Dial Skype call through phone keypad directly or Skype users interface
  • Support Skype speed dial and SkypeOut through phone keypad directly
  • Auto configure Skype audio device when SkyPeBX is plugged in
  • Support 20, 25, 30 and 50Hz ring signal frequency
  • Support 2 REN(Ringing Equivalent Number) with standard loads
  • Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID
  • Support international busy tone generation. Feasible to connect with PBX.
  • Connect Skype and SkypeIn?? call into PBX or enterprise IVR

Product Specification

Model Number: SkyPeBX

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 95x66x22 mm

Operating System: MS Windows 2000 SP4, MS Windows XP

Interface Ports:

  1. One USB port to computer
  2. One RJ11 port to telephone
  3. One RJ11 port to phone company PSTN

LED Indicator: Blue

  • Stand by (Slow on/off)
  • Ringing (Fast on/off)
  • Call Active (Always on)
  • Error (Always off)
  • Audio: 16 bit PCM

Audio: 16 bit PCM
Power: USB power and no external power needed
Operation Temperature: 0 to 55 degrees Celsius
Regulatory Compliance: FCC Class B, CE

Connect to Skype with a mobile phone: When you set up a SkyPeBX at home or office, you can call from anywhere to connect to Skype and access your Skype phonebook. That means Skype is always at hand even when you are not near a PC. You can make long distance Skype calls while you travel or at work. You can dial your Skype friends even when you don't remember their numbers (with quick dial). You can check your Skype voice messages with any phone when you travel.
Share your phone for both Skype calls and regular phone calls: SkyPeBX has a USB port to connect to a PC, a RJ-11 port to a regular phone, and another RJ-11 port to phone jack on the wall for phone company. You can make or receive Skype calls and regular phone calls with the same telephone or cordless phone.
USB to phone adaptor: SkyPeBX is an adaptor connecting a regular phone or PBX to a USB port. It allows you to receive or dial Skype calls in the same way as you use a regular phone. The phone rings when some Skype friend calls you. You can receive the call simply by picking up the handset.
Receive Skype calls with a phone: To receive a Skype call without SkyPeBX, you may have to put on the earphone, find/grab the mouse, and click on the right spot on the screen. And you must do all these before your friend hangs up. So SkyPeBX simplifies the ways you handle Skype calls.
Make Skype calls with a phone: You may also dial Skype friends from the connected phone set. This feature is important for your family members who are notfamiliar enough with computers to make Skype calls. They only have to press on the phone set the quick dial digits or the phone number digits. 
PBX connection to reduce phone bills: If you run a business with a PBX system, connecting SkyPeBX to your PBX is the best way for you to reduce your phone bills. Everyone with an extension of the PBX can make Skype calls from his or her extension phone. They don't have to touch or know about the computer in order to make free Skype calls. 
PBX connection to receive customer Skype calls: By connecting a USB port to a PBX with the SkyPeBX, you suddenly open another door for your customers to contact your business. Customers around the world can call you via Skype. You can set up your PBX IVR system to deliver necessary information to customers. You may also arrange employees to receive these Skype calls with their extension phones.
Conference or Multi calls: SkyPeBX also allows you to do multi-calls. That is, you can talk to up to 9 people simultaneously by pressing "#" to switch around. You can also do conference calls by adding up to 5 people to the conference. So SkyPeBX allows you to do conference meetings or to chat with several family members together.
Cordless connection: One very important feature of SkyPeBX is that you may connect a cordless phone to it. Since Skype calls are free, you tend to chat with your friend for a long time. Meanwhile, you don't want to stick yourself to the computer. That is when the cordless phone comes to help. You can do Skype chat while you walk around in your house or while you do gardening. Most of other Skype phone products do not bring you such convenience. That is, with those devices, you have to sit in front of your PC in order to make Skype calls. 
Skype: Skype is a free software running on PC which allows you to chat long distance for free. Or at a very low long distance rate, you can use Skype to dial someone's regular phone.